Create, Market, and Grow a LUXURY BRAND!
Angel started her first business while attending fashion school during the dotcom era in San Francisco. With a background in online advertising, e-commerce, and search engine marketing, she has transformed hundreds of businesses utilizing internet marketing strategies and exquisite designer taste. 

For 15+ years Angel has been starting and scaling businesses online. She founded Holistic Fashionistaan agency and showroom helping boutique brands acquire new clientele by creating a Signature System™.

Holistic Fashionista magazine is a designer platform showcasing hundreds of her clients' expertise, while helping them to to create, market and grow their luxury brands with a Signature System™.

If you would like to work with Angel in creating your Signature System™, please apply below.  
Everything you need to be successful in business is already inside your
head. All you need to do now is turn your genius into a
Signature System™
so you can start attracting the right customers.

"Within days of launching my first proper sales funnel I brought in two new clients."

"Before working with Angel I was clueless about how to set up my business in a way that would allow me to serve more people without chasing my tail all the time. I knew it was possible - I heard stories of people making money while they were sleeping, but didn’t know how to implement it, OR, more importantly, how powerful a good sales funnel is for my right people. Within days of launching my first proper sales funnel I brought in two new clients. They’re getting what they need, and I’m better able to serve more people. Total win-win! Who knew that SEO and all things sales-funnely could be so sexy!"    -Jessica Serran, Signature System client

  • Find a Mentor who will "mirror" you to remove the chaos that is keeping you stuck
  • Create a step-by-step Signature System™ that solves an Urgent Problem in the marketplace
  • Develop high quality products/programs to sell to your Kismet Clients™
  • Build a designer brand to attract the right customers
  • Advertise your products/programs with a strategic marketing plan

I'm just like you...

Just like many entrepreneurs, my past is filled with many trials and tribulations, which ultimately set me on the path to take risks and play by my own rules. In 2013, I curated and published a heartfelt book where I shared a painful story that paved the path for what now is Holistic Fashionista. Today, I am giving this book away for FREE


"Angel Quintana is a genius and visionary, truly looking to inspire and motivate others to live their best life. The women entrepreneurs in this book opened their hearts and shared such personal stories about times in their lives that played a huge role in getting them to their current career. If you are looking for success, happiness, to live your best life, find inspiration from the ones that actually did it-- this book is it! Real women with real life stories."     -Courtney Hermann

Your community is the perfect place on so many levels!

I am so excited to be a Pro Member! I love collaborating with others that have the same mission. Let's get this party started! - Marinna Rose
All successful businesses thrive on good old-fashioned publicity. The problem is, most entrepreneurs are saying "YES" to every opportunity that comes their way, but there is RIGHT publicity and then there is WRONG publicity. That's when it gets tricky.

You have to protect your brand. If you want to sell luxury products/programs, you have to carefully select where you want to show up that's part of your Signature System™.

I started Holistic Fashionista to give my Signature System™ clients a designer platform to advertise and promote their amazing products, programs, and expertise-- a magazine they would be PROUD of.

Together, we built a beautiful community of holistic leaders. I named this exclusive membership, The Club. Are you ready to promote your expertise and products all over the web in a designer fashion and discover your Signature System™?

If so, Join The Club to get started.
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